Snapchat Filters for America Recycles Day

snapchatThis year, Keep America Beautiful is trying something new by offering a set of ready-to-use Snapchat filters for you to use for your events! Use the directions below to set up the filters for your America Recycles Day events!  We encourage everyone who uses the filter to please post your filtered photos on social media and tag them #BeRecycled or #AmericaRecyclesDay to share.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Snapchat is a social app that allows users to send pictures to friends, as well as post pictures for friends to view. On special days, there are graphics called “filters” that can be added to the photos that indicate their location and involvement in an awesome event!

Creating the filter requires each America Recycles Day event organizer to set the time, date, and location of the filter to match their own event. Here are instructions on doing so:

  • Download the attached filters from the America Recycles Day website
  • Visit to sign into or create a Snapchat account.
  • Once an account is logged into, select the “Use Your Own” graphic option. Browse your files and select the ARD graphics that you have downloaded.
  • Move on to Step 2 and select the dates of your event, which will be the dates your filter is available.
  • Move on to Step 3 and choose the geographic boundaries of the filter. Enter the address of your event, and “draw” the boundaries of where your filter will be available.
  • Snapchat does charge to use this service, but don’t worry for a small area, the cost is very low! Press next and enter payment info. Pricing is done by square footage (minimum $5 for 50,000 sq. ft.).

Download the Filters Here