Introducing the ARD Pledge Widget!

Help us recruit members of your community to take the America Recycles Day pledge.  Add the ARD pledge widget to your Facebook page!

Step 1: Go to your group’s Facebook page (make sure you are an administrator.)

Step 2: Search for “Static HTML Iframe tab by Woobox” in the Facebook search bar.  Look for the App listed in the results – make sure it’s listed as an App, or the next step won’t work.  Select it, then follow the preliminary instructions it provides.  You can use any other iframe editor, as well; there are a variety of free and paid versions.

Step 3: In the “Page Source” field, click “URL”, then enter: . Below that section, you’ll also find a field entitled, “Tab Name”.  Here you can rename the tab to “Take the ARD Pledge!”

Step 4: If you need to make additional adjustments, you can go into your page settings,  then “edit page”, and find the listing of tabs.

That should be it!
The ARD pledge will be accessible through your Facebook site, and you can recruit members of your community to participate.