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PRIVATE EVENT – “America Recycles Month Long Floor Competition” and “Catch you GREEN Handed!!!”

November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019
  • This event has passed.

Our primary event is one where we are challenging EACH of our three floors to be refuse free in our recycling bins. We have a huge problem with associates contaminating our recycling bins (that are clearly marked) with trash and other refuse. Some of this is laziness and some still is ignorance. We hope that a full floor party (pizza most likely) will be enough to inspire associates to not only learn more, but feel empowered to police each other a bit more actively. The main floor will have a tracking board and floors are required to meet a 15 day minimum record (refuse free) to get the reward.

Also, for the entire month of November, associates will be rewarded for their green behavior around the building. While not limited in it’s scope, the main behaviors we are looking for is active recycling (or protecting the recycling areas) in what is more of an apathetic building.

Members of the Growing a Greener Globus team will be given gift cards that they use to award participants and they will be encouraged to get pictures so that we can share in the December Newsletter.


Start: November 1, 2019
End: November 30, 2019
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Venue Name: Group Voyagers Inc
Address: 5301 S. Federal Circle , Littleton, CO 80123 United States
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Organizer Name: Matt Lang
Phone: 303-703-7816


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