How to Reduce and Recycle Your Mail


Are you receiving unwanted catalogues, flyers, credit card offers, and other advertisements in your mailbox? Follow the simple tips below to reduce unwanted mail delivered to you, and to recycle mail that you receive.

Reduce Unwanted Mail:

  • ‘Opt-out’ of mailing lists. Contact companies directly and let them know that you want your name removed from their list. You can also sign up to reduce unwanted mail here.
  • When possible, choose the option to receive bills online instead of paper statements in the mail.
Recycle Mail:

  • Recycle your mail after reading. Envelopes with plastic windows, catalogues with staples, and mail that includes paper clips are all recyclable.
  • If you are concerned about privacy, cut out your name, address, or any other personal information before tossing in the recycling bin.

We hope you find these tips helpful in preventing paper waste through reducing and recycling your mail!

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