Staff Tip: Recycling Items from Home Deliveries

As we lead up to America Recycles Day 2015, on November 15, we are asking staff to share their favorite recycling tip with you.

Here’s Keep America Beautiful Senior Vice President/Recycling Brenda Pulley’s tip:

So over the past month, have you ordered anything that was delivered to your home? I, in an effort to take advantage of end-of-season sales, ordered new cushions for chairs on my front porch. Take a look at the photo below of the new cushions and their packaging. Which of the materials in the photo are recyclable?

1) Cardboard box

2) The plastic wrap that the cushions were packaged in

3) The magazine that came from the vendor

4) The old cushions

So the cardboard box and catalog are easily recycled in your curbside recycling bin. The plastic wrap for each cushion is also easily recycled back into new bags or plastic lumber. The wrap just needs to be taken to a retailer near you (along with those plastic bags and other wrap). Click here to find a retailer near you.

Finally, what about the old cushions? If they were newer, I’d donate them for reuse, but because they are so old and tattered, an option is to take them to a textile recycler. I contacted my county solid waste department to find a collection center near me. Here’s a link you can use to find out what can be recycled in your community. Next time you receive that box of goodies at your house, please think about what can be recycled in addition to just the box.

Happy Recycling, from the KAB Recycling Team.

Brenda Reyclin Tip

To Summarize:


Where to recycle it

Cardboard box




Plastic wrap

Find a retailer

Old cushions

Check with your local solid waste department to see if they collect textiles

New cushions

Use for the next 20 años!

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