Q. How do I register for America Recycles Day?

A. Registration for America Recycles Day is done via an online registration system. Check back mid summer for more details on how register your 2014 events.


Q. When can I register for America Recycles Day?

A. Registration will open around the middle of July for ARD 2014. However visit our toolkit page to get activity ideas for your 2014 events!


Q. Do I have to host my event on America Recycles Day (November 15)

A. No. We hold many ARD events throughout the fall, so hold it when it is best for you. Many of our event organizers host it on the weekends around America Recycles Day.


Q. Where can I find out about events held in my area?

A. We understand that not everyone can take the time to host an event; fortunately, you can still have a huge impact on our success in 2014 by simply showing up for an event that your community organizers have arranged. Simply log on to the ARD website and click the “Join An Event” tab near the top of the page. Based on your zip code, you can find out about events scheduled in your community.


Q. How do I host an ARD event?              

A. Do you have a great idea for a 2014 America Recycles Day event?  Click the Host an Event tab on the ARD website and register your event.


Q. When will I receive my collateral?

A. Usually collateral kits ship around the first of september. Additionally, check out the toolkit page for downloadable and print ready posters, flyers and banners.


Q. Where do I go to find out where to recycle something?

A. Figuring out when, where and how to recycle in your community couldn’t be easier. Log on to www.americarecyclesday.org and select the “Find Recycling” tab and click on the available links. These will direct you different recycling resource pages, where you can enter the item type and your zip code to find the nearest recycling facility.


Q. Where can I find event and media resources?

A.  Our toolkit page on the ARD website has all the information you will need to make your ARD event a success.  We have go-to guides with step-by-step instructions for events, as well as templates and download’s to promote recycling awareness in your community.