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Karen M 10/31/2014

We dont inherit the world from our ancesters, we are barrowing it from our children

K. D 10/31/2014

Remember to observe and honor the hierarchy of highest and best use first, Honor-REs: REduce: Just use less. REuse: Don't throw away stuff too soon. REcycle: Give commodities a second life. REfuse: Don't accept throw-away packaging. REpair: Fix rather than replace things. REfill: Replenish empty bottles and jugs. REturn: Take back refundable CRV bottles. REthink: Figure a better sustainable way. And then... Rot: Turn discarded food and organics into compost.

Lynne G 10/31/2014

Our oceans are suffering -- the plastic debris we so thoughtlessly discard has now created 5 different gyres of floating garbage in the seas of the world. This stuff is killing sea creatures and generally fouling our planet. Consider this: Every square mile of ocean has about 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in it. See for more details, and PLEASE, REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS ARE A MUST!

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