recycle aluminum cans recycle plastic soda bottles recycle batteries recycle newspapers recycle glass bottles recycle cardboard boxes recycle clothing and sneakers recycle tin food cans recycle computers and electronics recycle laundry detergent containers recycle plastic grocery bags recycle cell phones recycle food containers recycle paint and paint cans recycle milk jugs and cartons recycle ink cartridges and printer toner recycle televisions recycle clothes hangers recycle cardboard boxes recycle spray cans recycle clear glass bottles recycle newspapers recycle telephone books recycle water bottles

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Time is ripe for composting!

Crumble your eggshells and sprinkle your coffee grounds in your garden to enrich your soil without a full-blown compost pile.
Ready for the next level? This helpful guide from the U.S. EPA tells you how to start composting in your home or yard!

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anonymous 07/21/2015


Mary S 07/15/2015

It does pay to recycle ,I do my part to help save our environment .Please help and join in You must all do our par.And to show I do my shave,I just won $100. from, St Lucie County baling and recycling facilityI could not believe when I answer my door I thought it was a solicitation But it was real It couldn\'t have come at a better time And it\'s not about the money It does really help us to recycle

MaryJane G 07/14/2015

I recycle everything i can. I take fedbags and make them into totes. I am into recycling and having very littlewaste.


A plastic bottle refuses to settle for being just a bottle!

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