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Spotlighting America Recycles Day 2013

One city’s record-breaking event can’t be “topped”

2013 marked the first time Texarkana participated in Keep America Beautiful’ s America Recycles Day, and to help celebrate, Texarkana invited schools across the city to join together, donning recycled paper hats for their victory charge. The prize: A place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The title: The most people wearing paper hats at once.

The morning of the record attempt, 2,639 participants flooded the Four States Fairgrounds, all set to model their homemade headwear. Top hats, crowns, and fedoras were among the more creative pieces, but many sported the old standby boat-style hat.

Although their world-record success helped raise recycling awareness and educate the students on the importance of recycling, it had other benefits as well. “This community pulled together and pulled off a massive recycling event that put Texarkana on the global map,” said Brandy Chewning, recycling coordinator for Texarkana, Arkansas. It’s safe to say that America Recycles day was literally a record-breaking event in Texarkana, Arkansas! .

Waste In Focus

See how these eight typical families manage waste in their homes and learn how you can resue recycle and compost.

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Ready to tackle composting? Start by composting two parts brown (straw, leaves, newspaper) and one part green (food scraps, coffee grounds).  Stir once a week and you'll have a nutritious pile of soil! See how easy it is here.

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Craig Y 07/10/2014

Happy to make the pledge

Anita P 07/09/2014

Taking the first step is always the hardest! But you have to start somewhere_=)

larry k 07/08/2014

I hope to find a better system recycling scrap metal at construction sites. As now if I recycle it makes me feel like a criminal in most cities because of passed ordinances and police harrasing.

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